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Szandora and Scar 13 Beautiful Butterfly Breasts


If you find butterflies beautiful, then you’d expect them, if butterflies had breasts, to be as beautiful as the breasts on Szandora and Scar 13. This EroticFandom update is simple and pretty.

szandora scar 13 butterfly wings erotic fandom

Scar and Szandora Wet Marble Shower


In this BlueBlood update, Scar 13 and Szandora turn up the heat in this hot shower. The way the water flows over their pale gothic bodies, makeup running down their faces, is very erotic.

scar13 szandora shower wet blue blood blueblood

Scar and Szandora Graffiti Girls Making Out


Szandora and Scar 13 really turn up the heat making out feverishly in this graffiti girls update on Blue Blood. Have to love the colorful Doubledown bathroom setting with the colorful girls getting so into it.

szandora scar doubledown bar

Scar 13 Binds Szandora


Hope everyone had a joyful Friday the 13th yesterday! Watching the usually submissive Scar 13 bind and menace the feisty submissive Szandora in this Blue Blood red latex tape bondage update is very very hot. The site muses that maybe only a submissive truly knows what another submissive wants and that just might be true.

blue blood bondage scar13 szandora