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Szandora Pale Nude Black Gauze Dress Rhinestone Spider


Gothic Sluts just posted this series of Szandora in a black gauze dress with rhinestone spider.

szandora black gauze dress spider

Scar and Szandora Wet Marble Shower


In this BlueBlood update, Scar 13 and Szandora turn up the heat in this hot shower. The way the water flows over their pale gothic bodies, makeup running down their faces, is very erotic.

scar13 szandora shower wet blue blood blueblood

Heavy Make Out Session on the Sofa


In this Blue Blood update, Szandora and Scar 13 get into making out hot and heavy. By the end, their lipstick is smeared off and you can just see the sensual flush rise in their pale gothic skin.

szandora and scar 13 kissing

Szandora Deathrock Hair


Speaking of shocking pink hair, this Blue Blood update features Szandora with about the biggest deathrock hair ever seen on her.

gothic sluts deathrock szandora witch