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Wicked Szandora nude and busted


Here is a hot little Blue Blood set! Apparently Amelia G and Szandora were out late clubbing the night before and sometime in the early morning they thought it would be fun to go up on the roof and shoot some naughty pictures, but unfortunately there were people still up there as well. So, the girls just started to shoot some cute flashing pictures in the stairwell instead. But, as fate would have it, they totally got busted. Szandora just looks so hot when she’s being bad! Check out for a massive collection of awesome Szandora stuff!

szandora window blue blood

Szandora 1 of 8 Gothic Beauty Covergirls from Blue Blood


According to the Blue Blood Contributors Pages News Blog, Szandora was on the cover of a magazine called Gothic Beauty and girls from Blue Blood have been on more covers of that magazine than any other membership site. SuicideGirls is in second place with three Gothic Beauty covers, two featuring Apnea and one featuring Ulorin Vex. Szandora seems to be Blue Blood beauty #4 to appear on the cover of Gothic Beauty, but, from looking at this graphic, there have been at least eight Blue Blood beauties on the cover of Gothic Beauty, including Batty, Yolanda, Mistress Domiana, Szandora, Belfast, Katie, Fetus de Milo, Angela Ryan, and of course Szandora. Szandora is a gothic Satanist beauty.


Scar and Szandora Graffiti Girls Making Out


Szandora and Scar 13 really turn up the heat making out feverishly in this graffiti girls update on Blue Blood. Have to love the colorful Doubledown bathroom setting with the colorful girls getting so into it.

szandora scar doubledown bar

Szandora Spooky Socks


This Halloween week, we are just all very excited about the professional contortionist level hotness of the beautiful girls of Blue Blood. Szandora‘s spooky socks feature ghosts and the word boo and the classic black and orange Halloween colors. Somehow I’m having trouble focusing on just her cute little feet and their cute little foot coverings. I think it is the ankles all the way behind her ears which is distracting me.

Szandora Spooky Sox