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Yolanda and Szandora Gangster Shine


In this RubberDollies update, Szandora and Yolanda are wearing coordinated pinstriped latex couture. Such sexy fashion on two of the most beautiful pale-fleshed beauties ever.

rubber dollies szandora yolanda pinstripes

Scar 13 Binds Szandora


Hope everyone had a joyful Friday the 13th yesterday! Watching the usually submissive Scar 13 bind and menace the feisty submissive Szandora in this Blue Blood red latex tape bondage update is very very hot. The site muses that maybe only a submissive truly knows what another submissive wants and that just might be true.

blue blood bondage scar13 szandora

Yolanda Red Bondage Tapes Szandora


In this smoking hot Blue Blood update, Yolanda takes full advantage of Szandora‘s flexibility to tie her into contortionist positions with red latex bondage tape. Yolanda spanks Szandora and you can see her red handprint on Szandora’s pale pale ass. Szandora struggles helplessly when Yolanda licks the sole of her foot while she holds Szandora’s bound ankles.

rubber dollies red tape bondage szandora yolanda

Happy Halloween with Szandora


She is wearing an orange latex corset in honor of the season and, in this Rubber Dollies update, Szandora makes raw pumpkin seeds look good enough to eat. I usually like them roasted and salted, but I think I could make an exception. Happy Halloween, everyone!

rubberdollies szandora pumpkin