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Szandora Rubber Spikes


Those rubber spikes on Szandora give a sexy dangerous come hither. RubberDollies showcases the hottest alt girls wearing, not only the finest rubber couture, but also really avante-garde rubber fashions. But you know those beautiful girls always take the shiny stuff off in the end or at least manage to be naked, even while wearing molded rubber.

szandora white spikes rubber

Yolanda and Szandora Gangster Shine


In this RubberDollies update, Szandora and Yolanda are wearing coordinated pinstriped latex couture. Such sexy fashion on two of the most beautiful pale-fleshed beauties ever.

rubber dollies szandora yolanda pinstripes

Happy Halloween with Szandora


She is wearing an orange latex corset in honor of the season and, in this Rubber Dollies update, Szandora makes raw pumpkin seeds look good enough to eat. I usually like them roasted and salted, but I think I could make an exception. Happy Halloween, everyone!

rubberdollies szandora pumpkin