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Kellie LaPlegua Spanks Szandora


According to the text in the Blue Blood members area, Szandora was egging Kellie LaPlegua on to spank her harder and harder. That gorgeous gothic beauty Kellie has an arm on her though. The brutal dark handprints on Szandora’s pale ass leave quite a striking contrast.

szandora kellie laplegua spanking

Szandora 1 of 8 Gothic Beauty Covergirls from Blue Blood


According to the Blue Blood Contributors Pages News Blog, Szandora was on the cover of a magazine called Gothic Beauty and girls from Blue Blood have been on more covers of that magazine than any other membership site. SuicideGirls is in second place with three Gothic Beauty covers, two featuring Apnea and one featuring Ulorin Vex. Szandora seems to be Blue Blood beauty #4 to appear on the cover of Gothic Beauty, but, from looking at this graphic, there have been at least eight Blue Blood beauties on the cover of Gothic Beauty, including Batty, Yolanda, Mistress Domiana, Szandora, Belfast, Katie, Fetus de Milo, Angela Ryan, and of course Szandora. Szandora is a gothic Satanist beauty.


Alt Spiderweb Goth Babes


Two of the most gorgeous chicks in the Blue Blood ouveure are, of course, Scar 13 and Szandora. In this set shot by Forrest Black & Amelia G, the two chicks frolic together in Vegas in a classy hotel suite — almost as classy as these two dames. Scar has an amazing spider-and-web combo drawn on her face, and the two girls’ gothic beauty goes together perfectly — and more importantly, they’re quite plainly having a great time.

Naked Gothic Babes Szandora and Scar