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Szandora Xmas Ornament


In this GothicSluts update, instead of decorating the tree, they’ve decorated Szandora. She has red and green rubber accessories and sparkling candy canes with silver mistletoe hanging from each nipple piercing. The sort of thing which makes you want to just slightly adjust the lyrics for Oh Tannenbaum:

O Szandora, o Szandora
You can please me very much!
How often has not at Szandoratime
A girl like you given me such joy!
O Szandora, o Szandora,
You can please me very much!

szandora xmas

Satanmas Carols Lexicon


These are the lyrics in Latin phrases which repeat throughout the Jerry Goldsmith song Ave Satani and their English meaning translations:

(1) Sanguis Bibimus = We drink the blood.
(2) Corpus Edimus = We eat the body.
(3) Tolle Corpus Satani! = Elevate the body of Satan!
(4) Ave! = Hail!
(5) Ave, Ave! Versus Christus! = Hail, Hail Anti-Christ!
(6) Ave Satani! = Hail Satan!