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Wicked Szandora nude and busted


Here is a hot little Blue Blood set! Apparently Amelia G and Szandora were out late clubbing the night before and sometime in the early morning they thought it would be fun to go up on the roof and shoot some naughty pictures, but unfortunately there were people still up there as well. So, the girls just started to shoot some cute flashing pictures in the stairwell instead. But, as fate would have it, they totally got busted. Szandora just looks so hot when she’s being bad! Check out for a massive collection of awesome Szandora stuff!

szandora window blue blood

Szandora Soaping Up in Hot Shower


Forrest Black noted on this super steamy set for Blue Blood that he and Amelia G and of course Szandora all had such a blast playing around in Las Vegas, that Amelia couldn’t resist snapping some sexy wet pictures of Szandora cleaning up in the well appointed marble bathroom in their suite. She looks so hot when she’s all wet!

szandora metal shower

Wicked Szandora in Red Fishnets


Blue Blood loves the bad girls. One thing I’ve always liked about Szandora is her taste in cool clothes and the way she can make anything she wears kind of her own. I have no idea if her outfits would work on anyone that didn’t have as much personal style and aesthetic sense as she does. This series looked like it was fun to shoot too, playing with evil satan goat dolls and showing off her beautiful bare girly parts. Sexy hot and fun, that’s what Blue Blood is all about.


Blasphemy Day


That sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Blasphemy Day! So, this September 30th, grab a pair of horns and give it to your favorite Beelzebabe hard and dirty. Anything less would be sac-sacrelige. Barely Evil is celebrating by adding more hot Devil girls to their collection, along with never before seen hot and evil sets of Szandora, Nina Sin, and more. This is truly some hot stuff.

szandora BarelyEvil devil girl ass